Essential Hypertension

The medical diagnosis of essential hypertension (ICD 10 I10) is a contradiction in terms. In biology, essential means “vital” or “indispensable”.

The contradiction lies in the fact that something is simultaneously described as a disease in need of treatment and a vital or indispensable phenomenon.

According to the laws of logic, however, one should neither classify nor treat vital or indispensable physical phenomena as illnesses.

The solution is as follows: Pathological chronic arterial hypertension is mainly caused by stress and or overfeeding. The internists know that. When I was a student in the 1980’s, the professors condescendingly reported on the patients’ “white coat hypertension”. They meant that the patients felt stressed in the presence of the doctor and the blood pressure was therefore elevated.

In most cases, chronically elevated blood pressure is therefore neither essential nor idiopathic.

However, insufficient stress management and over-nutrition are not medical disease categories. These are diseases that should be treated by psychologists.

Why don’t the internists then hand these patients over to the psychologists to provide them with a suitable treatment to improve their quality of life, improve their health?

I call it self-complacancy.

More soon (scientific papers)

January 8, 2018